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Mission and Vision 

We create value by delivering innovative solutions and logistics through a global team of local professionals. Our mission is to become the world’s leading facilitator, developer and operator in the energy and infrastructure market. We embrace sustainable, responsible growth while expanding in capabilities and footprint. While maintaining our entrepreneurial vision. We are committed to delivering value ethically and with integrity. 


We believe in protecting our natural environment, safeguarding the health of our workers, ensuring stringent safety controls and secure operations while stewarding the environment and maintaining the quality of our products and services. 


We believe in individual responsibility, integrity and excellence. It is this ethos combined with our track record of superior service and reliability that has built an internal culture of achievement and out performance. Cassia is committed to being one of the premier, vertically integrated, engineering, energy and infrastructure companies in the world. 



Our approach is premised on our proprietary origination model, which affords Cassia along with its subsidiaries, affiliates and partners access to transactional opportunities in each of its targeted sectors: Petrochemicals (Derivatives and Related Heavy Industrials); Telecommunications (Infrastructure and Integrated Technologies); Transportation (Intra-Travel Infrastructure and Development); Energy (Production, Co-Generation and Transmission); Minerals (Resource Extraction and Exploitation); Real Estate (Hospitality and Built-to-Suit Commercial); and Health Care (Operations and Facility Development).





Cassia seeks to:

  • Identify, originate and facilitate energy, infrastructure, and financial services projects across the globe;

  • Maximize resource efficiency and assist in optimizing our partners’ returns;

  • Deliver value to partners by leveraging internal industry expertise to both locate and procure opportunities in the engineering, energy and infrastructure verticals;

  • Combine a deep understanding of partner needs with an existing network of relationships to connect engineering, energy and infrastructure verticals;

  • Bridge cultural divides and manage expectations to remove any potential obstacles that may stand in the way of execution and thus deliver efficient production;

  • Maintain a transparent, nimble and scalable organisational structure that is free of unnecessary layers of management or bureaucracy; and

  • Continually expand a robust network of partnerships across the globe into established and developing markets.

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