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Where we operate 

Cassia is a global partnership with market positions in both developed and emerging markets. The unique mix of relevant professional, operational, and cultural diversity amongst our people provides a distinct advantage to our customers and partners as they seek to satisfy the unyielding demand of realizing success in their ventures.

In the Middle East and Africa, our ventures are centered around the Sovereign Wealth Funds, industrial concerns and families. We have operated specifically out of the Gulf for over fifteen years and have an overarching view of policy and how it affects the economy, investment appetites (both inward and outward) and development. In these roles, we become part of the process – from origination and diligence to capital structuring and deployment – utilizing best-in-class legal, audit and specialist consultancy resources to ensure reliable, institutional-quality results.

In the Asia-Pacific region our ventures vary as we work with state-owned operators and private business conglomerates alike. We work with companies that provide services or manufacture equipment designed to exploit the infrastructure and natural resource-focused opportunities. 


In the Americas, our ventures center around the middle market industrial and service based companies. The middle markets in the Americas are attracted to the institutionalized petro-dollar wealth that the oil-rich Sovereign Wealth Funds generate. Because of Cassia’s connectivity, we are asked to create soft landings for these institutions to interact with the sovereigns in a series of ventures spanning service based work to cross border expansion and investment.

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