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We are committed to corporate governance of the highest standard in our own business and in our partner companies. Our principles and values are embedded in our systems and in the policies and procedures of the Group. Each of our people has an individual responsibility to act at all times with honesty and integrity.

We have adopted and applied leading standards of corporate governance to deliver long-term and sustainable success for the Group, our investors and stakeholders. We believe that corporate success is not defined only by the performance of our business, but also by how we conduct that business.


Our activities are shaped by the strategic objectives and risk appetite set by our Directors in conjunction with the partners and involve actively managing the risks inherent in our business in conjunction with those of our clients.

Our system of corporate governance is based on the internationally recognized and principles-based standards of the UK Corporate Governance Code, tailored to the needs of our business and the risks of the markets in which we operate.

We have adopted a comprehensive approach to compliance and governance which seeks to integrate corporate governance, legal and regulatory compliance and proactive risk management into a cohesive set of policies and practices in line with sector and market requirements of our business.

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