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While as a firm, our environmental footprint is relatively limited, within the projects we advise and manage, we also seek to take all available steps to mitigate negative environmental impact. With initiatives including the widespread adoption of video-conference and tel-conferences to avoid unnecessary travel, the implementation of recycling hubs and the use of energy-efficient buildings and technologies, where available. We believe that to be successful, sustainability and corporate responsibility must be embedded in the core of our clients’ strategy and operations. 
We work with private and public sector organizations to identify emerging opportunities and develop robust business cases to address a variety of issues, ranging from resource scarcity to fair trade, to foster a competitive advantage and long-term growth In short, we help make environmental sustainability sustainable. We know that "environmental sustainability" encompasses all aspects of ethical business practices, addressing relevant social, ecological, regulatory and human-welfare issues responsibly and profitably. Suppliers, employees, customers, shareholders, governments and communities all have specific agendas that need to be understood and managed. We assist our partners to take control of their environmental sustainability agenda and manage transition effectively.
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