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We understand that energy prices increase as production slows, but that demand still grows as global supply decreases. We also know that producers have to weigh the environmental cost of optimizing safety, security and reliability in the certain knowledge that health, safety, and environmental regulations will impact their bottom line. To mitigate these costs, producers seek intelligent field devices to drive control, speed and maintenance monitoring while optimizing their operations to address an uncertain and challenging global market.


Cassia understands these challenges and, through its subsidiaries and partners, offers reliable and innovative solutions to the challenges of today’s market characterised by factors including rising capital expenditures, low prices, competition from new alternative market entrants and changes in the regulatory environment which are the recognized pathways to profitability dramatically.


Cassia, through its innovative partnerships, seeks to bridge the gaps that exist between market segments, regulators, government agencies, financiers and innovators, working to achieve systemic efficiencies, reliability, resiliency and, most importantly, value creation.


In upstream the scope extends from concept and design to testing and solutions, in the areas of enhanced oil and gas recoveryspecial core analysispetroleum geology and geochemistryreservoir formation evaluationflow assurance and production chemistrydrilling and completion fluids evaluation and field and well site services.


In midstream  we work oil and gas clients in ensuring their processing, transporting, storage and asset maintenance procedures run optimally. The midstream stage of oil and gas production involves vital procedures for bringing the product to market.


Oil field services

In services we offer a broad array of oilfield services and products to upstream oil and gas customers worldwide, partnering with companies that provide services or manufacture equipment designed to exploit the opportunities created by these trends.



Utilities discussions are increasingly centered around pending industry transformation, a factor of pressures as diverse as rising capital expenditures, low load growth and competition from new market entrants.

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