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Fiber sensor solutions

Partnering with a leading technology company, Cassia provides distribution of fiber sensors in the Gulf region. The company offers an innovative, distributed-fiber sensing system, which is based on dark-pulse Brillouin scattering, allowing for real-time reporting on conditions such as temperature, stress, strain and load creating opportunities for diverse industrial applications including fluid pipelines and physical perimeter or border monitoring.


The Erebos sensing system measures critical temperature, pressure and strain on a continuous basis throughout the drill string, casing, wellhead, and production trees, as well as monitoring the stress, strain and buckling of pipelines to alert operators of anomalies, such as pipe wall thickness, scouring, and corrosion.


Additionally, the technology provides a real time sensor system that detects the location and movement of personnel and equipment throughout a mining operation, as well as determining and displaying airflow, air quality, temperature, geo-thermal data, seismic events, material distribution and monitoring intelligent rock bolts. The company’s products can also be used in live border security and tunnel detection, perimeter and security surveillance, aircraft and ship hull integrity assessment and fire detection applications.

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