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Engineering consulting 

Cassia has recently formed a partnership with a private capital Spanish consulting and engineering company. Founded in 1965 by a small group of engineers with extensive experience in design and execution, the company has become a significant diversified consulting and engineering company both in Spain and internationally. 


The company specialises in linear transport projects, landscape engineering, underground works and structure, ports, marine environment and coastal engineering, water consulting and engineering and urban planning and construction. In recent years, the company has experienced aggressive expansion and consolidation, and now seeks to expand in a coherent manner into new markets in the Middle East


The company provides: Engineering services including “turn-key” execution of industrial plants and technological package supply; Complete and efficient ranges of services, based on its technical capability and extensive field experience; and Capacity of over 1.5 million technical man-hours per year and a state of the art information and technology department, dedicated to the project integration management.


Through this partnership and the development of business in the Middle East, Cassia seeks to create a competitive all-service engineering and construction offering with a view to potentially developing a scalable regional Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) firm over time. 

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